Monday, April 24, 2017

There's no reasoning with a teenager

I regularly get amazed at how arrogant Americans can be. I get the urge to shout, shake or slap, and have to step back and remind myself; in a world history perspective, they're the teenager. And therefore it is pointless. 

Take for example "pancakes". Somewhere crossing the Atlantic Ocean, the recipe for making pancakes was lost, and instead of calling home to ask, a new kind of food was invented for the name. Same thing happened to football. And yes, shit happens, we can live with several things carrying the same name, some of us are quite used to that. What bugs me, is when Americans comes to Europe and start complaining that our pancakes are wrong. You have got to be kidding. It's fair if you prefer your own version, but don't start dissing ours just because they're called the same and you get confused. 

Only teenagers are so focused on showing everyone else that they're right, that they don't give a rats ass what they're actually saying or doing. Only teenagers get so intend on proofing themselves that consequences become invisible. And only teenagers are so insecure that they'd rather make enemies to remain in control of a situation, than risk loosing face.

What really scares me about the nation of teenagers though, is that the bullies stole the nerds notes, and now the scared ones have got the keys to the nukes. There's nothing more irrational than a teenager who feels threatened.

Please tell me I'm wrong!